03 December 2011

Sailor Moon: Neo-Queen Serenity

sailor moon cosplay - neo-queen serenity by king crimsonDuring the second major story arc of Sailor Moon, it was revealed that Tsukino Usagi will eventually become the queen regnant of a new Silver Millennium in the 30th century known as Crystal Tokyo. Usagi learned that she will be given the title “Sovereign of Earth” and Chiba Mamoru will become King Endymion alongside her. It was stated in the anime that she will become Neo-Queen Serenity after warding off a second Ice Age, but the specifics of which were never discussed.

King Crimson makes such a beautiful Serenity, wouldn’t you agree? Please visit her website for more of her cosplays! Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

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  1. i love this costume :)) where i can find costume design like this??