18 December 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Austria

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - austria by yukirin shitaA young master who loves the piano, Austria was born to fight, but was he was a weak child and often had to be assisted by his friend, Switzerland, until the two had a falling-out. Despite his high class appearance, he is actually quite frugal. He has a history of marriages, including to Hungary and one to Spain. Austria helped in raising young Italy when he became property of the Holy Roman Empire.

Lovely Austria by Yukirin Shita! I think she braided that ahoge to keep it in place, and it looks perfect! Thanks to Julia for sending this.


  1. This cosplay is so EXQUISITE! Austria is one classy guy! ^o^

  2. :D Be sure to check out Yukirin Shita's Deviant Art account, she has a few more photos of her as Austria in there. :3