17 December 2007

Gundam Seed: Natarle Badriguel

gundam seed cosplay - natarle badriguelNatarle Badeiguel, one of the few survivors of ZAFT’s Le Creuset’s raid to seize the new weapons of the colony, is one of Earth Alliance’s most loyal and promising young officers. She is the executive officer of the Archangel, a ship headed by Captain Murrue Ramius. She is a superb tactical analyst, a fine trait that made her a captain of her own ship, Dominion, after her former captain began to question the Earth Alliance’s actions.

Natarle is one of my favorite character in the series. Most people don’t really like her because of her cold nature, but I believe that’s what makes her such a fine officer in the first place. Besides, I respect characters like her better than the Damsel in Distress types.

Sadly, she perished in Archangel’s hands because of her blind loyalty to the Earth Alliance.

Pretty accurate cosplayer though, isn’t she?

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