08 December 2011

LovePlus / Arakawa Under the Bridge: Takane Manaka and Nino

loveplus cosplay - takane manaka from comiket 78Alright guys, here’s another “unknown” for you, because I’ve given up trying to figure this one out.

I know the girl on the left is Takane Manaka from LovePlus, but as for the other girl(?) beside her, I’m about as clueless as it gets. There’s not a lot of information with regards to this game, so she might be a minor character unlisted in wikipedia. Then again, she could just as easily be from a completely different series.

So how about it? Any ideas? Thanks to Yuri for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to satori-chan for letting me know this is Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge!


  1. The blonde cosplayer on the right is Nino-san from the anime, "Arakawa under the Bridge". :D

  2. The blondie? Isn't Nino-san from Arakawa under the Bridge?

  3. the other one, the blonde one is Nino-san, from Arakawa Under the Bridge! It's written on the coat =p (2-3)

    pretty nice cosplay also.

  4. The girl on the right I think is Nino from "Arakawa Under the Bridge."

  5. I think it's Arakawa under the bridge's Nino :3

    Nice costumes :D

  6. Wah, thanks for the comments, guys! I'm back from Hong Kong now, so I can edit this and tag it properly. :D

    Thanks again and sorry it took so long! <3