04 December 2011

Tenjou Tenge: Natsume Maya, Natsume Aya, Isuzu Emi, and Kuzunoha Mana

tenjou tenge cosplay - natsume maya, natsume maya, isuzu emi, and kuzunoha mana

When Nagi Souchirou and Bob Mikahara came to Toudou Academy, they intended to rule the school by beating up anyone who got in their way, just like they had done in previous schools. Little did they know that Toudou was no ordinary school; it was founded to teach and integrate different fighting styles and some of its students posses supernatural abilities such as pyrokinesis, precognition, and superhuman strength. After an altercation with the Executive Club, Souchirou and Bob join the only surviving club that dares to oppose them: the Juken Club.

Although I know this is from Tenjou Tenge, I have no idea who these girls are. Anyone care to shed some light into their identities please? Thanks to Paula for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Cze for commenting and identifying who these girls are!


  1. far right Mana Kuzunoha (Shin Natsume's girlfriend), Mid Right Emi Isuzu (Vice-president of the Executive Council). The other two to the left i have no idea. xD

  2. I think the other two is Aya Natsume (midleft) and Maya Natsume(far left). They use their natural hair its hard to distinguish without the proper color. I'm just guessing because aya is carrying a shord (reiki).

  3. Thank you kindly, Cze! I've edited the title now~ <3 So sorry it took so long for me to edit this. Too much Hong Kong shopping~ <3