20 December 2011

Tales of Xillia: Milla Maxwell

tales of xillia cosplay - milla maxwell by miyukoWith the ability to summon all four spirits of earth, water, wind, and fire, Milla claims that she is the Maxwell. Having been enshrined in the mountains, she came to the military lab when she sensed the annihilation of a large number of spirits. She shows no hesitation in fulfilling her duty of watching over the world, and is disgusted by those with no sense of responsibility.

Beautiful cosplay by Miyuko! The details of her cosplay are simply amazing and breath-taking! Thanks to Lillian for sending this in!


  1. Also a very cute cosplay, love the details! is there a site known ? i'd love to see more of this cosplayer :)

  2. Unfortunately no... But I will try to find more photos of her when I can! >u<;;;