28 December 2011

Gankutsuou: Le Comte de Monte Cristo and Haydée Tebelin

gankutsuou cosplay - le comte de monte cristo by melli and haydée tebelin by konzert junkyHaydée Tebelin is a skilled harp player who is one of the members of Le Comte de Monte Cristo's estate. Once the former princess of the planet Janina, she and her mother were sold to slavery when her father was betrayed and murdered. She was eventually rescued by the Count, and deep feelings began to grow over time.

This is only a cropped version of Melli and Konzert Junky’s “Epic” cosplay, so please visit her Deviant Art to see the original photo and all its fine details. Thanks to Konzert Junky for letting me feature this!


  1. I loved this anime for its visual style! And I'm always impressed by cosplayers who try to take it on. I should probably try and read the actual book though ^^

  2. I've only seen the anime and the live action movie~ I don't think I'll ever read the book though. xD;;;