15 July 2011

Kira Kira Pop Princess: Gaby

unknown cosplay 98 from japan winter comiket 2010 / kira kira pop princess cosplay - gabyIf this is a Vocaloid of an UTAUloid character- I can’t keep up with these cosplayers and their character choices! As you can see, we are almost up to 100 Unknowns, but more than 70% have been identified thanks to you, my readers!

Better still, with more that 1000 cosplay features on Cosplay Holic, we have been able to link 30% of what would have been lost photos back to their respective owners! I never would have imagined this was possible and the cosplayers are very happy to have been identified and credited!

Thank you, dear readers, for all your support! I will keep doing my best in keeping this site alive and kicking!

EDIT: Thanks to Hamtarofan01 for letting me know this is Gaby from the game "Kira Kira Pop Princess"!


  1. Hi,

    This is a cosplay of a figurine named "Pucchi", from the "Pinky Street" doll series.

    Here's a picture of the Pucchi doll: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3192/2705114415_6f8f29ecc6.jpg

    Thank you! C:

  2. This is a main character (Gaby, but you can change her name.) from the game Kira Kira Pop Princess!

  3. Thanks Hamtaro! It looks like you are right, although I can't find much info about the character on the internet! xD I'll have to take your word for it! ^_^