24 July 2011

Naruto: Shippuden: Haruno Sakura 02

naruto: shippuden cosplay - haruno sakura by ansa

Aside from her ability heal others with proficiency and speed that surpasses most medical ninja with more experience, Haruno Sakura also has superhuman strength. A ninja team relies on their medical ninja to survive, and in order to do so, Sakura must both avoid opponents and keep them at bay during battle. By building up chakra in her fists and releasing it on contact, Sakura can reduce most obstacles with ease.

Beautiful cosplay by Ansa! I only wish my anonymous contributor left his/her name so I can thank them properly. I would not have found Ansa if it wasn’t for them! Please do check out her website as well!


  1. amazing eyes....FTW @_@

  2. Cool.. its a rare sight to see an accurate Sakura cosplay.