11 July 2011

Pokemon: Takeshi, Kasumi, Satoshi, and Okido Shigeru

pokemon cosplay - taskeshi / brock, kasumi / misty, satoshi / ash ketchum, and okido shigeru / gary oak

A trainer from the Kanto Region, Satoshi (Ash Ketchum) started his Pokemon trainer days with Pikachu as his starter Pokemon. Satoshi and his childhood rival, Okido Shigeru (Gary Oak) race to become the Pokemon League Champion as well as becoming one of the best Pokemon Trainers in the world.

Incidentally, Satoshi accidentally destroys Kasumi’s (Misty’s) bike, and she begins following him to get her bike back. The two eventually became friends, and Kasumi helps him out in training for his battle against Pewter Gym Leader, Takeshi (Brock).

This is so many levels of awesome that I don’t even know where to begin! First found on Kurage-chan's Tumblr!

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