16 July 2011

Vampire Knight: Yuki Cross and Kuran Kaname 02

vampire knight cosplay - yuki cross and kuran kaname 2 by amma and circles won't breakWith the knowledge of her childhood friend, Kiryuu Zero becoming a vampire, Yuki Cross decided that she would allow him to drink her blood in order to keep him from falling into a Level E. Little did she know that the very same night, she would run into Kuran Kaname, the vampire who saved her when she was only 5-years-old. Although Yuki tried to hide Zero’s fang marks, it was later revealed by Kaname’s conversation with Yagari Toga that Kaname did know what had happened, but he did not push Yuki to tell him so because he was afraid that he would lose her.

Beautiful cosplay by Filipino cosplayers Amma and Circles Won’t Break! And while you check out their galleries, make sure you also check out Z3ll’s awesome work as a photographer on his Deviant Art and Blogspot accounts! Thanks for allowing me to feature this!

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