16 July 2011

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname and Yuki Cross

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kaname and kuran yuki cross by gust-james and satikohimeOne fateful night in Cross Academy, Yuki found Zero in the corridor, where he lost control and bit her, revealing that he had been turned into a vampire. Kaname, who happened to be meeting with Kaien at the time, was alarmed at the scent of Yuki’s blood and hurried to the scene. Furious with what had occurred, he approached Zero, but when Yuki tried to come between them, she collapsed. In a cruel manner, Kaname told Zero that he had sucked so much blood from Yuki that she could barely stand, before carrying her away to tend her bite marks.

It’s either that, or this is the scene after Kaname asked Yuki to be his lover, and their first lunch together ended with her collapsing from the hallucinations of her lost memories. Wonderful cosplay by Gust James and Satiko-hime, nonetheless!

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