29 July 2011

Unknown Entry 100

unknown cosplay 100 from winter comiket 2010 by akasanAnd here to celebrate my centennial lack of otaku knowledge, we have Japanese cosplayer Akasan and her cosplay photo from Winter Comiket 2010!

Apparently, a lot of people are debating whether Akasan is cute or scary! I don’t think she’s scary at all, but her photos do look heavily photoshoped? I’m not sure though because I’m not really an expert in the field!

What do you think? Cute or scary? And who is she cosplaying as anyway? Thanks to Jamie for sending this in!


  1. It's like a generic pink-haired schoolgirl. The first one that comes to my mind is Haramura Nodoka from "Saki" but it could be any random schoolgirl.

  2. Yeah, it's probably generic, but I wanted to see what people would guess anyway!

    And no, Nadoka's hair is much longer than Akasan's. xD;;; But if there's nothing else... maybe...

  3. shiki ? though seifuku is off...


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  5. Hmm... ı think she is yuzuriha inori from guilty crown but ı'm not sure hmm :/

  6. i like a picture and many words to describe it what it is about and you did that