16 July 2007

I’s: Yoshizuki Iori

iYoshizuki Iori from the I’s Manga is a 16-year-old, friendly girl who is easy to get along with. In the beginning of the series, her usual, positive outlook on life is changed drastically when she becomes famous thanks to a swimsuit magazine spread.

Now she has no idea whether guys like her because she is herself, or because of her beauty.

And what a gorgeous cosplayer this is… She really does look like Iori from I’s.

I remember finding this picture from Anime Illusions, but I can’t find it anymore today… Kind of sad, really.

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  1. hei... who is she?? she's really like iori... i like it..:)

  2. may i know her name?? she is really cute

  3. when this pict taken?

  4. She's Arisa Mizuhara., a very pretty japanese cosplayer

  5. Oh, this is also Arisa? Thanks a lot! I'll tag this post accordingly. :)