06 July 2007

Gundam Seed Destiny: Meer Campbell

gundam seed destiny cosplay - meer campbellBefore I get any more emails, I’d like to feature a cosplayer from the West, namely in America.

This is a cosplay photo I came accross in Deviant Art. Though I don’t know her name, she’s apparently Adella’s Sister. This is a very good example that you don’t have to be Asian in order to come up with a good cosplay.

Adella obviously took her sister’s natural beauty in deciding a costume for her. In my opinion, I love the way she portrays Meer. A lot of people have failed miserably when they try to cosplay Meer, but she does it just right, and she still looks good even if the costume is a bit revealing.

Kudos to Adella and her sister. I hope I get to see more of their photos…

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