20 July 2007

Bleach: Kuchiki Rukia

I find Bleach to be one of the more popular cosplays this year. Perhaps it’s because of the simplicity of the costumes and hairstyle that lets people think they can pull it off without a problem.

I beg to differ.

The simpler the costume, the plainer the look, the harder it is to let people know who you are cosplaying as. I’ve only found a few images on the net that have pulled off their Bleach Cosplays successfully.

This is one of them.

bleach cosplay - kuchiki rukia

She may not be trapped in the tower like she was in the series, but you can tell from one look that she’s cosplaying Kuchiki Rukia. It would be hard to top this cosplay.

Good job to both the cosplayer and the photographer!

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