04 July 2007

Kanon: Misaka Kaori

I received this from one of the Anime Mailing Lists I’ve subscribed to. The Japanese people sure know how to cosplay…

kanon cosplay - misaki kaori

This is Tsukimiya Ayu from the Anime and Game Series called “Kanon”. It was a bit difficult to determine which of the characters she was cosplaying at first, but the light brown hair is definitely a trademark of the Taiyaki loving girl.

Nice set for this picture and the angle was obviously carefully considered. Lovely photo, don’t you think?

EDIT: My bad! Now I see the long hair, so this is probably Misaka Kaori! Thanks anon!

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  1. Just must say I'm pretty sure this would be Kaori, Nayuki's classmate/friend after all Ayu doesn't wear a school uniform and the cosplayers hair looks a bit like Kaori's too.

  2. Wow, you might be right... I didn't notice her hair was a bit long. I thought Ayu wore the uniform in the ending?