22 July 2007

Final Fantasy VII: Vincent Valentine

final fantasy vii / 7 - vincent valentinePerhaps it is because of the latest Final Fantasy VII Movie, also known as the “Advent Children” that the Final Fantasy Cosplayers have come back to life.

Now their costumes are better, more detailed, and by far more impressive.

One of the characters that have a lot of, uhm, “screaming fangirls”, is the immortal, anatomic experiment Vincent Valentine.

This picture is perhaps one of the best of Vincent’s cosplayers who’s ever attempted to look like him. The details of the costume and accessories are exquisite!

A great job well done. Simply stunning and absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. The gun is all wrong. There's only one barrel/cylinder, no details, and in my humble opinion too long. Everyone should know that it has three barrels/cylinders, silver inlay, plus the three heads of the mythical beast Cerberus, that the gun is named after. Other than that huge overlook it is a nice costume.

  2. I think this is a picture of the same cosplay.......except in this one, he has the three-barrel gun.


    When a cosplay is this good except for one detail like that........it isn't fair to say they overlooked it, because the part probably just hadn't come in the mail yet when the photo was taken, or got forgotten back in one's home state when they left for the con.

  3. You got the "screaming fangirls" part right :D