18 July 2007

Fruits Basket: Souma Hatori

fruits basket cosplay - souma hatoriIn some cases, you don’t need to go way to overboard with your cosplay… All you need to do is have the right attitude.

In case of the anime drama, “Fruits Basket”, the characters in the anime wear ordinary, everyday clothing. There’s no other way to pull of a cool cosplay look, than with having the same feel as the character people are so familiar with.

Souma Hatori, the doctor of the Souma House, has a cold eerie aura about him. His hair covers his left eye because it’s almost blind due to an incident between him and the head of the house, Souma Akito.

In any case, this is a lovely cosplay. Plain and simple, but very effective. I wonder if he’ll turn into a seahorse if a girl huggles him? I wouldn’t mind trying it, would you?

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