13 July 2007

Sailor Moon S: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus

sailor moon cosplay - sailor neptune and sailor uranus

You don’t need expensive wigs to cosplay like a pro! This is a lovely picture of Neptune and Uranus (their human names escape me).

There have been a lot of controversy about these two. USA nearly banned Sailor Moon because these two were in a lesbian relationship. They changed the script (with the original author’s consent) so that they are cousins instead.

But, I think they are in such a situation that… Well, Sailor Uranus seemed to be a guy when he was still in Moon Kingdom (ruled by Sailor Moon’s mother). Proof of this is that there are short scenes showing Neptune and Uranus together, and Uranus was wearing a Prince’s clothing and he was obviously male. I believe Uranus and Neptune were engaged, but they never got to marry because of the war. Their rebirth resulted in a dilemma that Uranus was now a girl.

Kinda sad, don’t you think?

But really, I don’t know what the concept behind the artist’s story telling is… I just really like Sailor Moon when I was really young…


  1. Nevermind that creator Naoko Takeuchi did not approve of the change to cousins, she also intended them to be lesbians. Haruka has a strong masculine energy, but that makes her no less female.

  2. Ah, she didn't? Huh... How odd that she'd still let her series air, but oh well... :x

  3. :'( That made my eyes water (what you said). I didn't know Uranus was a male in her previous life, everything makes sense now as to why she's very masculine... I think Naoko Takeuchi was trying to say something about past lives and love. Maybe?

  4. yeha i useedd to love sailor moon well i still do and i was always confused by their relationship now i know aha lol but um i think she was a man in her previous life ( amara) but sailor neptune represents my zodiac sign and im a pisces and neptune represents my sign and my name is ariel and my sign is a fish and my element is water and so is neptune aha isnt that hilarious! enough chit chat Sailor neptune and uranus r both beautiful

  5. From Wikipedia:

    All fan rumors about Haruka being a man, the reincarnation of one, or a hermaphrodite, are untrue. Naoko Takeuchi has explicitly stated that "Haruka has always been a girl. Always will be."

  6. Yeah she has always been a female, just a "masculine" one. However, this is only based on societies stereotype. Everyone has a bit of man or woman in them.

  7. I believe that their relationship is representative of the relationship between Wind (Uranus) and Water (Neptune). The two will forever go together, and need each other to exist as natural compliments. Therefore, the romantic relationship between Haruka and Michiru.

  8. When do these two appear? I mean in Act. Are there any other episodes after Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon??

  9. Yeah Uranus has ALWAYS been a girl.
    Naoko also specifically stated that they were in a lesbian relationship and though she wasn't pleased with the decision to change them to cousins she wanted to be able to share sailormoon with the world.
    So I guess you let stuff slid.
    It was still obvious that they were a little MORE than cousins to anyone who paid attention...they were way too close.

    Anyway she was never a man in a past life.
    In fact the manga specifically has the outer senshi stating that their lives were lonely in their past lives because they were so far from everyone and always alone on their respective planets protecting the outer rim of the solar system.

    I'm not sure exactly what episode they appeared first in, but they had a major role in the final season of sailormoon known as Sailormoon Stars.
    In the manga they were around a lot more often than the anime ever showed.