30 July 2015

Trinity Blood: Ion Fortuna 02

trinity blood cosplay - ion fortuna by shiratoriIn the beginning of the series, Ion Fortuna was a selfish Methuselah who loathed the human race. However, after he was betrayed by his foster brother, Radu Barvon, for the Rosenkreuz Orden, Ion finds comfort in his friendship with Esther Blanchett. His attitude towards humans changes considerably, and when the Puppet Master forced him into a bloodthirsty rage, Ion attempted to commit suicide in order to stop himself from killing Esther.

Doesn’t Taiwanese cosplayer, Shiratori make a beautiful Ion? If you’d like to support her, please visit her websites: Archive, Cure, Deviant Art, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Kuromi for sending this in!

Source: 白鳥 on Cosplayers’ Archive

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