06 July 2015

Vocaloid 3: Luo Tian Yi 03

vocaloid 3 cosplay - luo tianyi by yuzi

The light rain falls - the hazy landscape’s scent intoxicates passerby.
The spring wind blows - It passes the mountain road one after another, never to return
Willow seeds fly - branch tips release new buds in fluctuating bursts of light fragrance
Flowers fade - I become haggard as I think incessantly of our memories after our separation.

绵绵春雨到 无期,漾起心湖水中影
The light spring rain falls unceasingly, creating ripples in the reflection on the water of the heart’s lake
回首你我曾经 在梦里,仍纯净似琉璃
When I looked back at you, it was as if I was in a dream, still pure as glaze
又是一年春 花季里,随风飘零无踪迹
A new spring comes again in the season of flowers, and they’re blown away by the wind, leaving no traces behind
时光匆匆离去 寻觅,
I search for the time that has fled away,
but it’s difficult to continue the fate and attentive feelings that we had before

“March Rain”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloid Lyrics

Meet Chinese cosplayer, Yuzi! From the looks of her World Cosplay account, she is a new cosplayer from China, so please do give her your support so that we may see more cosplays from her! Thanks to Seth for sending this in!

Source: 瑜子 (yuzi) on World Cosplay

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