21 July 2015

Sailor Moon SuperS: Queen Serenity and Queen Nehellenia

sailor moon supers cosplay - queen nehellenia by miya and queen serenity by usakoQueen Nehellenia was once known as Queen Hellenia, ruler of the Dark Moon, and adored by her subjects who always complimented her on her great beauty. She soon became obsessed with staying young and beautiful forever, and began extracting the dream mirrors of her subjects, turning them into Lemures. However, this still did not satisfy her as she wanted to take Queen Serenity’s place as the ruler of the Silver Millennium and eventually, Crystal Tokyo. She was eventually sealed inside a mirror of darkness by Queen Serenity, utilizing the vastly powerful abilities of the Silver Crystal to do so.

Don’t these cosplayers make a lovely pair? Queen Serenity is cosplayed by Usako while Queen Nehellenia is cosplayed by Miya! Please do visit their World Cosplay accounts to see more of their works! Thanks again to Michiru for sending this in!

Source: 美弥 (miya) on World Cosplay

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