07 July 2015

Sailor Moon R: Sailor Pluto and Sailor Chibi Moon

sailor moon r cosplay - sailor pluto by tama and sailor chibi moonSailor Pluto is one of the Outer Senshi who is unique among all the characters as she is stationed at the Door of Space-Time with the specific duty of forbidding anyone to pass through without permission. Luna once stated that no one is to even know that Sailor Pluto exists, and that to her knowledge, no one has ever seen her. Chibiusa, however, became close friends with Sailor Pluto, and even though Chibiusa stole her time key to travel back to the 20th Century, Sailor Pluto still acts warmly towards Chibiusa as her guardian.

I really do love Sailor Pluto very much, and Japanese cosplayer, Tama’s depiction of her is simply spot-on! If you’d like to support her, please visit her Twitter and World Cosplay accounts! Thanks to Rika for sending this in!

Source: Tama on World Cosplay

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