20 June 2015

Rurouni Kenshin: Himura Kenshin 06

rurouni kenshin cosplay - himura kenshin by sai

When Shishio Makoto began a movement seeking to overthrow the Meiji Government, Kenshin was forced to resume his training and mend his relationship with his teacher, Hiko Seijurou. After a heated exchange of words, Seijurou agrees, and taught Kenshin the final two techniques, Kuzu-ryusen (Nine-headed Dragon Strike) and Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki (Heavens Gliding Dragon Flash). His training also developed a desire to survive, so that Kaoru would not be shocked by his death.

I didn’t know Kenshin’s birthday was on June 20! And I’ve loved this character forever! Maybe I will start re-reading all of the books again. Thanks to Cosplayers Archive for sharing this!

…am I the only one who thinks Sai looks a lot like Sato Takeru here?

Source: 佐威 on Cosplayers’ Archive
First seen in: Cosplayers Archive on Facebook

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  1. Te Amo querido Batusai!! 💖💖💖