18 June 2015

Star Driver: Shindou Sugata 02

star driver cosplay - shindou sugata by enoki

As the owner of the King Cybody, the Kiraboshi order vacated the leadership of the order’s First Division “Emperor” to Sugata, hoping that he would eventually claim it. He joined the Glittering Crux, manipulating Nichi Keito, his friends, and the Crux into believing that he wanted to use Samekh’s powers to become king. It was later revealed that he actually wanted to re-seal Samekh even if it cost him his life.

Another beautiful Sugata cosplay by 牧野 エノキ(小莫)Enoki! She has a lot of great cosplays in her World Cosplay account, so please pay her a visit and continue to support her there!

Source: 牧野 エノキ(小莫)Enoki on World Cosplay

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