14 June 2015

Princess Tutu: Princess Kraehe 03

princess tutu cosplay - princess kraehe by mikuro nekomiAlthough Princess Kraehe loved Mytho dearly, her jealousy interfered with Princess Tutu’s attempts to restore Mytho’s heart, because Kraehe feared that he would fall in love with someone else. Her father, the Raven, used her as a means to revive himself, to which Kraehe dutifully obeys. It was later revealed that she was not a raven herself, but a human girl kidnapped by the Raven during his attack on the town.

Isn’t she cute? Mikuro Nekomi’s cosplays are so adorable! Please support her through Twitter and World Cosplay! Thanks to Sophia for sending this in!

Source: Mikuro Nekomi on World Cosplay

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