10 June 2015

Fate/Prototype: Saber

fate/prototype cosplay - saber by alan chen (naoya)Saber from Fate/Prototype is the first and previous male version of Fate/Stay Night’s female Saber. He is a matured man with a strong sense of justice, and to his master Sajyou Ayaka, he is the ideal prince. Nevertheless, he has a playful side as well, seen when he teases Ayaka by removing her glasses and smiling at her.

What do you guys think? Would you want Singaporean cosplayer Alan Chen (Naoya) to be your Saber-class servant for the Holy Grail War? If you’d like to support him, please visit his accounts on Deviant Art, Facebook, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Clarabelle for sending this in!

Source: Alan Chen (Naoya) on World Cosplay

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