11 February 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin and Len 08

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine rin and len 8

見つめ合う その視線 閉じた世界の中
I look right at you and you look back to me as if we’re in a world of our own
気づかない ふりをしても 酔いを悟られそう
We’re oblivious as we both pretend that our feelings truly can’t be sensed

焼け付くこの心 隠して近づいて
Deep in my heart I felt time fly by wondering when I should make my move
吐息感じれば 痺れるほど
But I sigh when I realize I’m different when I’m with you

ありふれた恋心に 今罠を仕掛けて
When I think of you I can feel my heart race inside fueled by my deep love for you
僅かな隙間にも 足跡残さないよ
So I quietly set out a trap for you knowing that you’ll be mine someday

Lyrics and Translation by Vocalochu

Doesn’t this look gorgeous? Rin’s dress must have taken a long time (and a lot of money) to make! Len’s was probably very expensive too! Thanks to Vanessa for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

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