06 February 2015

Kuroshitsuji: Charles Grey

kuroshitsuji cosplay - charles grey by someiOne of the Queen’s private secretaries and butlers, Earl Charles Grey appears to be carefree most of the time, but he does have a short temper and a violent streak to him. He enjoys combat and has a ravenous appetite, but he is deathly afraid of ghosts and snakes. The Earl seems to have a dislike for Ciel Phantomhive, mostly referring to him as a “brat”.

Let me reintroduce Taiwanese cosplayer, Somei (染井), featured last April 2014 as Toma from Amnesia! Their profile doesn’t really say their gender, but I’m guessing Somei is female? Either way, please have a look for yourself and visit their World Cosplay and Facebook accounts. Thanks to Mahin Ahmed for sharing this!

Source: 染井-somei- on World Cosplay
First Seen: Mahin Ahmed on Google+

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