03 February 2015

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stone Ocean: Narciso Anasui, Kujo Jolyne, and Kujo Jotaro

jojo's bizarre adventure - stone ocean cosplay - narciso anasui by rion sama, jolyne kujo by nio tan, and jotaro kujo by mujibDaughter of Kujo Jotaro, Jolyne Kujo was framed for murder and ended up in Green Dolphin Street Prison. She receives an amulet inherited from her father which unlocked her Stand ability, Stone Free, allowing her body to unravel into living string.

Entranced by the tales of Jolyne, Narciso Anasui later agreed to become her bodyguard out of his burning love for her. Anasui confesses to Jolyne as soon as he met her, and continued to protect her until the end of the series.

Ok, only one word can describe this photo: Fabulous! Please do visit the cosplayers profiles: Rion Sama as Narciso Anasui, Nio Tan as Kujo Jolyne, and Mujiib as Kujo Jotaro; and their photographer, N.E. Project. Thanks again to Syaza for sending this in!

Source: Nio Tan Cosplay on Facebook

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