01 February 2015

Sword Art Online: Alfheim Online: Yui and Titania (Asuna)

sword art online - alfheim online cosplay - yui and titania / asuna

Yui is an artificial intelligence designed to monitor the emotions and mental health of the players in Sword Art Online. Kirito saved her from being deleted by Cardinal by converting and storing her data into his own NerveGear. She later appears in Alfheim Online as a Private Navigation Pixie and helped Kirito locate Asuna. Yui refers to Kirito and Asuna her “Papa” and “Mama” respectively, as they consider Yui their first “daughter” as well.

Well, isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever come across? It’s cute how Yui gets annoyed at anyone coming between Kirito and Asuna. Thanks to Frosty for sharing this!

Source: Frosty McBlizzard on Google+

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