17 February 2015

Noblesse: Seira J. Loyard

noblesse cosplay - seira j. loyard by reshaOne of the seven Clan Leaders of Lukedonia, Seira J. Loyard is the last remaining member of the Loyard Clan and the wielder of the Family’s Soul Weapon: the Death Scythe. She is a quiet and straightforward Noble, who speaks only when she deems necessary. Seira does not shy away from responsibility as she has undertaken the role of Lukedonia’s representative in dealing with the Union and the KSA.

Polish cosplayer Resha makes an absolutely breath-taking Seira! I love the location of the shoot and her pose! Please do give her your support by visiting her websites: Facebook, World Cosplay, and Deviant Art!

Source: Resha on World Cosplay

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