15 February 2015

Sword Art Online: Alfheim Online: Asuna 04

sword art online - alfheim online cosplay - asuna by misa

On December 7, 2025, as Asuna stood in from of Otemachi Station, the Chiyoda Line waiting for Kazuto, she began to contemplate about “real” things. In the real world, the things that surrounded her were made up of atoms, and within the VMMORPG, it was made up of data, yet what happened in Sword Art Online also felt “real” to her. As she continued to muse about the topic out loud, Kazuto came up from behind her and stated that both worlds were real, except that there was a difference in the quantity of data.

This beautiful Asuna is by Taiwanese cosplayer Misa * 米砂! I’m a huge fan of her SAO cosplays, so I’ll be sure to feature her again very soon! Please visit her other sites: Facebook, Weibo, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Emerson for sharing this!

Source: Misa * 米砂 on World Cosplay
First seen in: Emerson Jandres on Google+

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