12 January 2013

Material Brave Ignition: Ogi Kanae

material brave ignition cosplay - ogi kanae from japan comiket 83
Source: Hexieshe
These types of cosplays can be pretty hard to guess.

I’m not sure how true this information is, but I’ve heard that there are a lot of independent manga circles who actually hire cosplayers to cosplay their original characters. If that’s true, then only a small number of people will know who this girl is and what series she’s from.

It must be nice to be a mangaka (manga artist) in Japan. Maybe I should learn the language and reset my goal to living there so that I can make a decent living from my art. In any case, thanks agin to Fumiki for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to Katserest for letting me know she's from Material Brave Ignition! And now I've found out that the name of the character she's cosplaying is Ogi Kanae!


  1. She's promoting the eroge called Material Brave Ignition. I'm thinking maybe she's cosplaying as the blonde girl with the red bow. This is the website: http://products.web-giga.com/mbi/ Erm, the site contains some *pictures* so, uh, beware.(Wait what- why do I know these things..?! O_O)

    1. Thanks Katserest! Sorry I wasn't able to edit this sooner... I didn't notice this comment until now! ヘ(‘◇’、)/