17 January 2013

Ultraman Visits the Children’s Hospital in Thailand

ultraman cosplay
Source: MODxTOY

When sinister aliens and giant monsters constantly threaten civilization, a special worldwide police force known as the Science Special Search Party, or SSSP, was the only Earth organization to have high-tech weapons and vehicles, as well as extensive scientific and engineering facilities to handle the threat. However, when the situation became desperate, Hayata Shin, the Patrol's most capable member, used a power-object and artifact called the “Beta Capsule”. Whenever activated, the capsule allows Shin to transform secretly into the super-humanoid-powered giant from space, who becomes known to the people of Earth as Ultraman.

I can’t read Thai, but it’s nice how these two dressed up as Ultraman to cheer up the kids. I bet a lot of work went into those costumes, seeing as the eyes and chest list up too! I’m just not sure which Ultraman these two are, but thank you so much to Wendy for sharing this!

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