09 January 2013

Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff 03

kuroshitsuji cosplay - grell sutcliff by new writer
Source: New Writer on Deviant Art
The blood-red-headed Grim Reaper with a rather short temper, Grell Sutcliff wielded a terrifying Death Scythe in the form of a chainsaw. However, it was later revealed that the modification was illegal, and William T. Spears of the Management Ward confiscated the chainsaw and replaced them with a much less terrifying pair of scissors. Although originally seen as an antagonist in the series, it would appear that Grell is one of the good guys who just happens to have a liking for killing.

It’s not everyday that a killer is considered to be a protagonist, but then again, he is a Grim Reaper. And what an awesome looking Grell New Writer makes! Can’t help but love that classy pose! Thanks again to You Mi for sending this in!

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