27 January 2013

Toradora!: Aisaka Taiga 05

toradora! cosplay - aisaka taiga 5 by merino moko
Source: World Anime: Tu mundo aqui y ahora
Aisaka Taiga generally has a negative attitude towards others and she doesn’t hesitate in snapping at people who annoy her. Takasu Ryuji was no exception as she instantly took a disliking to him when they first met. Be as it may, Taiga coincidentally lived in an apartment next to Ryuji’s house, and they ended up being closer friends than either which could have ever guessed.

Amazingly cute cosplay by Merino Moko! With a smile like that, I think she can easily win any guy’s heart, just like Taiga. Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

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