09 August 2007

Sailor Stars: Tsukino Usagi

sailor moon cosplay - tsukino usagi Remember what I said about this blog not being biased about Western Cosplay? Well, here’s proof to back that up.

This is probably one of the best Sailor Moon Cosplays I have ever come across. She’s just really pretty and she’s got the costume right (instead of the usual knock offs)! I love the way she did her hair, it’s really gorgeous.

This picture is credited to Cosplaylab.com. I was able to find this thanks to Maya, who replied to Morbid Optimism defending the Americans against his topic “Americans Shouldn’t Cosplay“. Morbid Optimism posted some really nice Japanese Cosplay pictures, you should check it out. I’ll be posting some of those pictures here too (as well as the not so nice American ones), and give him full credit for finding them first of course… ^_^

Oh~ I’d also like to mention that Megamisan sent me Adella’s Gallery for some nice cosplay photos of Adella. We have the same taste in cosplay! ^_^

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is also Saraqael's work!


  1. I love the hair very much! Wonder if it's real or a wig. It's looks soo real

  2. Probably a wig... I mean, it would be extremely hard to take care of hair that long.

    Then again, I suppose a lot of people grow their hair to that length. :3

  3. It is a wig, believe me ;)

    But it's a pretty good styled wig.

    I like the Cosplay as well, but as a perfectionist when it comes to costumes I have to disagree in one point:
    The costume isn't quite 'right' the sleeves (or better to say her shirt) are/is wrong, because it misses the typical puff sleeves of the SM's school uniforms :)

    But all in all it still looks great :)

  4. The cosplayer and photographer are http://thedreamerworld.deviantart.com/art/Cosplay-AnimeNext-0006-69724337?q=gallery%3ATheDreamerWorld+sort%3Atime&qo=85

  5. Thanks, anon! I'll confirm it with the cosplayer and let them know. ^_^

  6. Wow, thanks guys- I'm flattered!

    @hermine_ichigo : Actually, Usagi's summer high school uniform doesn't have puffed sleeves - http://mangastyle.net/materials/mat-61.jpg
    She has four different school uniforms (or two, but with a winter and summer version for each) and wears multiple different brooches with each. The main differences in the uniforms are sleeve type, the color lines on the collar, the bows - and the brooches. Although she wears the later Super Sailor Moon brooch with both uniforms so maybe that's not such a great indicator.

    Well, now that I sound thoroughly insane and OCD, I'll be going. @_@