15 August 2007

Gundam Seed: Lacus Clyne

gundam seed cosplay - lacus clyneIt’s hard to determine whether a cosplayer is from Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny now a days… Since both Destiny is a sequel for Seed, they have the same set of characters without much difference in costumes…

I think this version of Lacus Clyne is from Gundam Seed. I can’t be certain though, because I’m basing it on the time I found this photo…

Lacus Clyne is an Idol Singer and a huge influence in PLANT, where the coordinators live. In the beginning of the series, she is engaged to Athrun Zala mainly for political reasons… The two of them actually get along pretty well, but Lacus meets Kira Yamato during the Bloody Valentine War and falls in love with him, breaking of her engagement… Lacus is also the person that Meer Campbell is imitating under the orders of Chairman Gilbert Durandal, so that he can sway the people to follow his orders.

Pretty cosplayer for a pretty girl. I want her pink Haro… Did I mention Haros are Athrun’s gifts to Lacus? Since she always has her Haros with her, I wonder if she really has no more feelings for Athrun?

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