23 August 2007

Air Gear: Wanijima Akito a.k.a. Agito

air gear cosplay - wanijima akito agitoI got to watch a few episodes of Air Gear last weekend, and I really loved it. It’s amazing what they can do on those skates (air trecks)..!

But the character Wanijima Akito / Agito amused me the most.

He is an ordinary boy who was forced by his older brother, Kaito, to violence for the benefit of his Wind SWAT Team. Not wanting to be a part of it anymore, he created his violent alter ego called Agito.

Agito took over the title as “Fang King” and Akito became a mediocre rider of ATs. After being rescued by Minami Itsuki, aka “Ikki”, he became one of the founding members of Kogarasumaru. Akito becomes Agito when his eye patch is covering his left eye.

Here’s an interesting trivia… I found this picture from Deviant Art, and the photographer’s account name is Shiroin. I found out that he is also the photographer behind the Card Captor Sakura picture I posted back in July. Make sure you go check out Shiroin’s Gallery for more great cosplay pictures!

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