17 August 2007

Fruits Basket: Souma Momiji

fruits basket cosplay - souma momijiThis image just made me go “Awww~”…

I found this on Deviant Art. This is a cosplay of Souma Momiji from Fruits Basket by clefchan. You should go check her gallery out! She has really impressive cosplays and arts as well! Clicking on the image will bring you to her page where she posted this image in a higher resolution.

A bit of Fruits Basket Trivia for you: Did you know that Momiji is the 2nd of the 12 Cursed Souma family members to break his curse?

Anyway, really cute cosplay! Clefchan’s really got the character down, especially the really cute expression..! I love the rabbit detail she put on her knee high socks… And the white rabbit on her shoulder is a nice touch! Great photography by Ryuu!

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