03 August 2007

Chobits: Sumomo

chobits cosplay - sumomoRemember what I said about kids cosplaying? It just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, even if they don’t know how to pose well for the camera…

You can tell she’s having a hard time keeping her pose… Can’t blame her, I hard a hard time balancing on one foot when I was a kid too…

Wait… I’m still a “kid”… at heart? (I know it’s lame, but forgive me, I couldn’t resist because I’ve been hearing lame jokes all day…) ^^

Sumomo’s hair is suppose to pink (same with the character on the tambourine), but I wouldn’t dye kids’ hair would you? And letting them wear a wig is also hard for them, since wigs are quite hot… But nonetheless, I think this is a cute and impressive cosplay, don’t you?