16 August 2007

Final Fantasy X: Lulu

final fantasy x cosplay - luluThe black mage of the Final Fantasy X game, Lulu (or “Ruru” in the direct Japanese translation) carries a dark past within her, being once the Guardian of the fallen Ginnem. And now her duty falls with Yuna the Summoner and her team.

Lulu’s character design breaks the common connotation of a typical black mage character in the Final Fantasy series, making her a favorite amongst cosplayers…

This picture blows me away. Although I believe this girl is actually a professional model with a professional photographer. None the less, it’s quite impressive, though I had the impression that Lulu’s make-up would be darker than this… This cosplayer doesn’t give that “dark aura” that Lulu gives.

But maybe that’s just me…

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  1. Trivia, did you know that this cosplay set of Lulu ends up erm... :)

  2. Weeeeeeeeeellll... lets just say its not PG7 :)

  3. ..whoa, uh, I guess I don't want to know then. xD

  4. This is actually Ran Asakawa, a retired AV idol.

  5. Thanks! I will add a tag for her. ^_^

  6. thats right. this is ran asakawa. a japanese porn actress. and ther is actually a lulu porn she does.