06 August 2007

Guilty Gear X: Kuradoberi Jam

guilty gear x cosplay - kuradoberi jamIf it’s hard to cosplay anime characters, I think it’s harder to cosplay game characters… Why? Because characters in video games are usually strong martial artists. This means your body needs to be toned and trimmed in order to convince the audience that you are that game character.

Kuradoberi Jam from Guilty Gear may not be a 3D rendered character, but she sure looks like it in this picture… I’ve never played Guilty Gear, but I have had a glimpse of this character from the anime Genshiken (an anime about otakus on their ventures of manga and cosplay. Interesting, no?)

Beautiful cosplay… The choice of Chinese patterned silk instead of plain fabric (same with the game’s original character design) was a good call. I wonder how she got her hair to look that way..?

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