15 April 2016

Ghost in the Shell: Kusanagi Motoko 03

ghost in the shell cosplay - major kusanagi motoko by scarlett johansson

I’m sure everyone’s heard about it by now, but I wanted to hear what CH readers think about this and feature Scarlett Johansson on Cosplay Holic too.

For me, I’m not that upset that she’s portraying Major Kusanagi in the Hollywood adaptation. From this first look, I’m actually pretty excited about this film. I am wondering why they didn’t hire an Asian actress to play the Major’s role, but at the same time, Major Kusanagi always felt like a tall, heavy individual to me. She’s half-cyborg after all, and I’m thinking Asian actresses standing side-by-side with other Caucasian actors might make her look petite? Maybe?

Then again, with that Dragon Ball Movie fiasco, I guess I can understand where the haters are coming from. Hopefully, Hollywood has learned from their mistake? At least we have Snow White and the Huntsman’s director, Rupert Sanders behind the scenes.

For now, I guess we can only wait and see for the 31st of March 2017 release.

Source: Gizmodo


  1. Oh no Kuro-chan, not you too!

  2. I really felt the actress in pacific rim Rinko Kikuchi would have been perfect for the roll. She has great acting chops, showed she can fight with the guys and make it believable. So I'm pretty sad the went with Scarlett as much as I like her.

    1. Yeah, I'm a fan of Scarlett's too. Which is why I'm trying to hold off any and all judgments until I actually see the film. Who knows? We might actually get a good adaptation? ^_^