24 April 2016

Ken ga Kimi: Sagihara Sakyou

ken ga kimi cosplay - sagihara sakyou
The son of the Sagihara family, direct vassal of the Fushimi feudal clan in the Yamashiro Province. The Sagihara family is a descendant of Amakuni, a group of blacksmiths that was formed back in the Heian period. They were also guardians who protected the Five Heavenly Swords in the past. After his family was killed, he threw away his status and came to Edo. While he might look like an inexperienced young master, he knows how to get on in the world due to his vagabond journey.
Such a lovely photo! Zixell is quickly becoming one of my favorite cosplayers! Her expression looks so serene. I wonder if those “fireflies” were added after the photo was taken, or if they sprinkled silver dust during the photo shoot?

In any case, please do support Zixell via her Archive, Facebook, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks again to Hitori for sending this in!

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