27 April 2016

Spirited Away: No-Face and Ogino Chihiro (Sen)

spirited away cats cosplay - no-face and ogino chihiro / senForced to work in the tyranical Yubaba’s bathhouse, Ogino Chihiro invited a silent, masked creature named No-Face inside the bathhouse, thinking he was a customer. Later that evening, while most of the staff were asleep, No-Face tempted a worker with gold. The greedy staff took the bait, only to be devoured by No-Face! He continued swallowing the other naive workers and began growing larger, causing massive damage to the bathhouse.

This photo reminded me of the time I featured a dog cosplaying Sesshoumaru! I guess cat owners are getting into it now too? I find the Chihiro cat to be particularly adorable with that kimono! Thanks to Casey for sending this in!

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