20 February 2014

Gintama: Hasegawa Taizou

gintama cosplay - hasegawa taizou

Born into a family of lowly samurais, Hasegawa Taizou married into his wife’s family due to their difference in social status, and thus adopted her family name. After a very rough start in his new job, he slowly worked his way up and became the head of the Immigration Bureau. He later lost his job and became a MADAO which roughly translates to “totally hopeless middle-aged man”. The term MADAO later bore other meanings throughout the series.

Marcello has gone off to Japan and covered Comiket 85 once again, so expect more unknown cosplays coming soon! The only reason why I recognized this character was because of a friend of mine who introduced me to the term MADAO, hehe! But you gotta admit, this is a very accurate cosplay of Hasegawa! Thanks to Marcello for letting me feature his photos on Cosplay Holic!

Source: Marcello Masiero on Flickr

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