02 February 2014

Uta no Prince-sama: Shinomiya Satsuki and Natsuki

uta no prince-sama cosplay - shinomiya satsuki and natsuki

I sing for you
Devoted to this love
変わりたくて 変われなかった
Wanting to change, unable to change
Farewell, my heart…

そして僕は シリウスより
So I want to shine
そう強く 輝きたいんだ
Even more brightly than Sirius
Hey, let me pledge… eternally,

I need your love

“Oath to Sirius”
Lyrics by moon5200402
Translation by ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Oh wow! Akatsuki Tsukasa and Tsuguru Ka (亞可) look amazing as Satsuki and Natsuki! I can’t stop staring at this photo… I think I might even use it for my desktop wallpaper! Thanks to Kristine for sharing this!

Source: Akatsuki Tsukasa on World Cosplay

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